Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Party time!!

End of year visit by Dr.Alfons brings a joyful and celebratory mood to all Savio club children from all centres. Its a moment for thanks giving to him and all the benefactors who are dear friends to Savio club

we eat ...

we perform...

we dance..

we get entertained...

we do acrobats...

we interact and enjoy each others company...

our beloved Dr.Alfons and Fr.Jose

Petronilla (current S.C Supervisor), Dr. Alfons, Mercy (former S.C Supervisor)

we put our hands up and say .. Thank you to God and our benefactors

Friday, October 9, 2020

we love books!

 "we are hungry for education and we can never get enough of it." this is the expression received from children in Savio club. they value education and are very enthusiastic during the process. 


Happiness expressed from the hearts of these young Savio club children when they receive T-shirts, books and pens to facilitate them with education is priceless!! They value every single gesture and assistance given to them. 

Savio club children in different centres after receiving t-shirt books and pens earlier in 2019

Thursday, October 8, 2020

I do, you do, we do

Practical teaching has proven very effective in the learning process of a child. it does not matter the availability or unavailability of modern teaching aids. But with dedication and acceptance, we can use limited resources to impact knowledge. we only need to put on our creative hats and be committed in our objective to impact knowledge to the young. 

savio club teacher in (holy cross- centre)demonstrating hygiene practices during a hygiene lesson

savio club teacher (in mary help of christians centre) during a mathematics lesson

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

sing and dance

singing and dancing gladdens the heart and broadens the smile

savio club children dancing to different tunes in different cultures 



Young people are that people in the society that are so rich in promise yet so exposed to danger- Don Bosco used to say.

Children are full human beings filled with potential to become, and to achieve the highest potential that God intended for them to have. They go through joys, struggles and challenges in their own capacity just like grown ups go through. However, adults often overlook that fact and treat them as lesser beings especially when they think that (this is just a child). They forget that children get broken too and if we as adults do not take the interest and deliberate decision to observe and walk with them in this journey of life; we will end up raising broken adults who will pass the same brokenness to the younger ones and thus create a broken society. What a broken society this would be.

St. Dominic Savio our patron saint grew with family guidance and love. At a very young age his parents taught him how to pray and have a deep awareness of God the value of self worth. He was also very eager to gain knowledge through education.

In the same way, he learnt how to value other children. He was friend to all children and he tried to protect them by all means possible. He would even get punished at school just to protect his friends especially if they had made a mistake.

Let us strive to give the best to these young souls if we want to transform our society. Let us teach them how to love God first and love our neighbours for it’s only through love that we can soften the hearts of others and draw them closer to God.

Education is key towards achieving these goals. Through education, we pass down these values to children while at the same time, building a strong foundation for their journey of becoming.

savio club children from different centres in class

by. petronilla ng'endo S.C supervisor

Party time!!

End of year visit by Dr.Alfons brings a joyful and celebratory mood to all Savio club children from all centres. Its a moment for thanks giv...